Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I had to share this sweet story... I was at Whole Foods this evening with my two kiddos in tow. They ate dinner in the grocery cart while I did a bit of grocery shopping, which happens to be one of my favorite events. It really is. They are happy little clams eating and steering the wheels of the 'driving cart' while I get to happily shop for goodies and hang out with them at the same time. It seriously makes grocery shopping FUN, & I get to come to a clean house without having to cook or clean. Gotta love it! And what is it about Whole Foods anyway? I just love being in that grocery store full of yummy, healthy goodness. They are certainly doing something right!

So back to my story... as we were shopping, this woman was wearing a super cute cardigan so I complimented her and told her how much I liked it. Well little Mia must have been listening to me, and proceeded to compliment at least 4 more people during our grocery shopping expedition. 'I like your sparkly headband'... 'I like your necklace'... 'That's a nice shirt' & 'I love your sweatshirt' to a sweet man wearing a simple 'Cape Cod' sweatshirt. Well this man smiled a smile that came right out of his heart & said to me. 'That just made my day.' And it did. The simplest compliment made this man so very happy, and I couldn't tell Mia enough how proud she should be for making someone else feel so good. It made me feel so grateful and honored, once again, to call myself her mom.

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