Sunday, June 27, 2010

seriously scrumptious

I have become such a library fan as of late... and I seriously get giddy when I get an email from the library telling me the book(s) I put on hold are waiting for me. (it's the same kind of excitement I get when the post office comes out with new stamps!) I know ~ it's a bit silly. So I just checked out this fabulous cookbook from the library last week and I think I want to make practically every recipe in it! It's all gluten-free, vegan and even soy-free to boot. I love exploring healthy recipes of all types and this book is an absolute gem! I love how Jennifer uses all organic ingredients, whole grain flours, alternative natural sweeteners (which I'm really into these days) and pure-cold pressed oils. I made the Berry Oat Wonder(ful) Bars and they were truly out of this world! The recipe was filled with fresh berries (I used blueberries & raspberries), oats (gluten free), a bit of brown rice syrup & pure maple syrup for the natural sweetness, olive oil, vanilla, salt & corn flour. It came out of the oven with the most perfectly crispy topping and if my mom were here, we'd probably pick off the entire top layer just for ourselves (my mom is known for eating the crust off of pies). If you were here, I'd serve you up a simply scrumptious berry bar on a cute little dessert plate. If I am ever in Seattle, the Flying Apron bakery will be the first stop on my list. YUM!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Just as we (meaning adults) get bored with some of our things, kids do as well, and quite a bit more often. Our sweet little playhouse had been a bit lonely lately, so we gave it some TLC, a new home on our main floor & a new purpose. It's now our Art House, complete with a mini art cabinet, small work table and bean bag chairs. (We plan on making some hanging pockets too!) The kids helped create the banner by decorating the bubble letters I drew on a paper bag, which were then cut out and sewn together. Owen & our sweetest neighbor friend Luna stamped away in their new creative oasis. It's so cozy in there and I love that the kiddos now have their own space in which to create... Can't they make these for adults?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

happy summer solstice!

Here's to a summer of splashing, soaking up the sun, adventures, spontaneity, playing, dreaming, creating, eating abundant local fresh produce, farmers markets and celebrating being exactly who you are!

Monday, June 21, 2010

little dancer

This has to be one of the cutest scenes ever ~ a bunch of precious little girls dancing and twirling in their tiny tutu's and itsy bitsy ballet shoes. Mia just started her first ballet class and I seriously don't think I've seen anything this adorable. But equally as sweet has been Owen so proudly walking Mia into her class and being just as excited for her as she is. Too too cute.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sweet wreath

Just loving this wreath... wouldn't this make the happiest door? I'm just saying.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

our summer list

Sunny days, pj days, creative days, swim days and free days. This is how our summer is shaping up and I love it. The other night we made our 'summer list', a family project we did last year and loved so much, we did it again this year. We each add things we want to do this summer and in no time at all, we have days of activities and thoughtful excursions to choose from. Balance that with days of planning nothing at all and we have one super summer ahead of us! The chalkboard looks so cheery and bright, especially with the little kiddo art accents. I highly recommend trying this for your family!

p.s. This chalkboard was handmade from an old window frame (literally $3 at our local recycled resource shop), simply painted cream with wood chalkboard painted panel added to it. Thanks to my hubby for making it1

school is out!

Ahhh summer! It's here... and the kids had their very last day at their Montessori school. They are heading to a new school next year (which we are very excited about) but when I walked in to pick them up and say our goodbyes, I felt really sad. Tears welled up in my eyes and I felt on the verge of sobbing. Both kids have had the most wonderful, loving, gentle teachers with a gift for the most magnificent way and words with the children. Mia had her very first pre-school experience here... and Owen was completely embraced for being just who he was. Both kids ran into school everyday. What more could a mom ask for? I am certainly going to miss this sweet little school. My O is now a kindergartener. And AHEM... how did that happen?!?

P.S. Here are our kiddos with the amazing Chad ~ who taught their 'movement' class. Don't you just love the name of that class? And how adorable is he?!? :) When we said goodbye, I will not soon forget how he bent down to Owen's level, looked him right in the eyes and said in the most meaningful way, 'YOU are a very cool kid.' It seems like such a small thing really, but I am certain Owen will remember those words coming from the coolest guy at school for quite awhile, if not his whole life. Oh words can be so powerful and don't we all need a dose of someone very cool thinking we are pretty cool too?

doily garland: a tutorial

Garland is such a happy decoration. I love all kinds and the way they dress up a room in the sweetest, cheery way. I created this vintage, delicate, lacy bunting for a bridal shower we held in a barn, but I see many more uses for it in the future (i.e. holiday snowflake decorations). The soft colors of the doilies combined with a taupe linen bias tape provided a wonderful, warm accent against the wooded walls and ceiling. Here is the tutorial I promised. Do give it a whirl!


* crochet doilies
* bias tape ~ 1/2" extra wide double fold (or create your own)
* rotary cutter or scissors
* sewing machine

How to:

1. Collect doilies and cut in half. Grandparents hand-me-downs, local antique shops or even ebay are great resources. For the quantities, it depends on how long your garland will be and how close together you like the doilies.

2. Make your bias tape if you want to choose your own fabric, which makes for a really fun way to create your own look. Otherwise the ready made versions work great too!

3. Pin the cut doilies to your bias tape. I spaced mine out 4" from end-to-end.

4. Sew along the bottom part of the bias tape edge.

5. That's it! Easy peasy. Hang 'em up!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

container gardening

Summer is seriously here and I'm seriously smitten with Terrain, the new shop by Anthropologie owners. Oh how would I ever choose which garden container to plant some herbs in?