Sunday, June 27, 2010

seriously scrumptious

I have become such a library fan as of late... and I seriously get giddy when I get an email from the library telling me the book(s) I put on hold are waiting for me. (it's the same kind of excitement I get when the post office comes out with new stamps!) I know ~ it's a bit silly. So I just checked out this fabulous cookbook from the library last week and I think I want to make practically every recipe in it! It's all gluten-free, vegan and even soy-free to boot. I love exploring healthy recipes of all types and this book is an absolute gem! I love how Jennifer uses all organic ingredients, whole grain flours, alternative natural sweeteners (which I'm really into these days) and pure-cold pressed oils. I made the Berry Oat Wonder(ful) Bars and they were truly out of this world! The recipe was filled with fresh berries (I used blueberries & raspberries), oats (gluten free), a bit of brown rice syrup & pure maple syrup for the natural sweetness, olive oil, vanilla, salt & corn flour. It came out of the oven with the most perfectly crispy topping and if my mom were here, we'd probably pick off the entire top layer just for ourselves (my mom is known for eating the crust off of pies). If you were here, I'd serve you up a simply scrumptious berry bar on a cute little dessert plate. If I am ever in Seattle, the Flying Apron bakery will be the first stop on my list. YUM!

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