Wednesday, June 9, 2010

doily garland: a tutorial

Garland is such a happy decoration. I love all kinds and the way they dress up a room in the sweetest, cheery way. I created this vintage, delicate, lacy bunting for a bridal shower we held in a barn, but I see many more uses for it in the future (i.e. holiday snowflake decorations). The soft colors of the doilies combined with a taupe linen bias tape provided a wonderful, warm accent against the wooded walls and ceiling. Here is the tutorial I promised. Do give it a whirl!


* crochet doilies
* bias tape ~ 1/2" extra wide double fold (or create your own)
* rotary cutter or scissors
* sewing machine

How to:

1. Collect doilies and cut in half. Grandparents hand-me-downs, local antique shops or even ebay are great resources. For the quantities, it depends on how long your garland will be and how close together you like the doilies.

2. Make your bias tape if you want to choose your own fabric, which makes for a really fun way to create your own look. Otherwise the ready made versions work great too!

3. Pin the cut doilies to your bias tape. I spaced mine out 4" from end-to-end.

4. Sew along the bottom part of the bias tape edge.

5. That's it! Easy peasy. Hang 'em up!


  1. Thanks for sharing, the garlands look delightful what a great idea!

  2. Oh this is so pretty. I picture using red bias tape for valentine's day. Love it!

  3. It is almost as lovely as you! xxoo

  4. okay...that's BRILLIANT!!!!!!! How beautiful!Thank you for inspiring such doily goodness!
    maureen :)

  5. thanks for sharing ive collect my doilies now i know how to create my garland :))))

  6. Thank you for sharing the how toooos. I am off to try this.