Monday, May 31, 2010

bridal shower in a barn

We threw my sister-in-law a shower for her upcoming wedding. Being the huge horse lover she is, we surprised her by having it in an old barn. The theme was vintage and despite a few unexpected 'things' in the barn that needed to be cleared out, it went off without a hitch and the bride-to-be was beaming. Here are a few details of our sweet little shower.

The barn was inside this farmhouse

and this hand-written sign greeted the guests...

We hung picture garland in between the old stalls...

and made vintage garland out of crocheted doilies (thank you ebay!) and linen bias tape. (tutorial coming!)

And instead of using disposable plates, we had everyone bring a vintage plate that the bride would keep after the shower. The guests loved this idea and we loved the eco-friendliness of it. The bride now has an amazing array of unique plates to not only remember the day, but to set her table in a variety of ways. We used fun fabrics (just cut into squares with pinking shears) with a sewn crocheted ribbon as a napkin tie. The table settings were so very colorful and quite darling if I do say so myself. : )

We made wine charms from fabric flowers & jewelry hoops

and even monogrammed the bathroom towels with some hand embroidery.

Buffets were accented with more photos of the bride & groom.

It was a wonderful way to celebrate my sister-in-law and I loved the laughter we all shared throughout the weekend. And one of the best parts of the weekend you ask.... was coming home to this.



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  2. This sounds lovely! Love the garland of doilies and the gifts of vintage plates. Whose very bright ideas were those?!

  3. What a fabulous party you organised! I love all the special little touches you've made. And I adore the doily bunting which has inspired me to make some myself. Thank you for the wonderful photos and ideas.