Monday, May 3, 2010

this boy can sew!

oh my goodness... why does time go so fast? i have missed being here! life is certainly in full swing and there are times it feels more balanced than others, but here i am and so glad to get back to this happy place! i love how both my kiddos have taken an interest in sewing. not too long ago, o thought of and created this project all by his little 'ole self. i put the sewing machine on a floor table so he could see every part & reach the pedal. he's such a curious little cat that i think the most fun for him was being able to check out how every part worked. his project was oh so sweet... he called it a pouch (aka apron) for omi, the stuffed dragon he sleeps with most every night. i wanted to share, because he was so proud and these photos simply make me smile.

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