Sunday, February 21, 2010

check this out!

I came across this amazing pop-up school in New York City, Trade School. Trade School = 30 days of classes, co-working and bartering. As their site explains, take a class every night with a range of specialized teachers in exchange for basic items and services. Secure a spot in a Trade School class by meeting one of the teacher’s barter needs. Really? Something like this exists?!? I'm definitely in love! It is just so amazing to witness all of the creative things people are doing to deal with the recession, and a beautiful example of figuring out a positive response to our flailing economy. I mean check out the diversity in their class offerings...brilliant I say! There is everything from crochet classes to daydreaming, making butter to drawing for relaxation or pleasure, workshops on composting and even one called 'eating class. moving appetities.' Seriously? Trade School here I come... if I only lived in NYC!

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  1. I did this! My two-hour drawing class began with a stream-of-consciousness "brain dump" and ended with an exercise in which we closed our eyes and imagined we were ice skating while drawing on a huge piece of butcher paper tacked to the wall. Interesting and fun! An eclectic group of peeps. PS I'm Adam's friend!