Monday, April 12, 2010

me too!

This little one tries so hard to keep up with that big brother of hers, and I have to say she does a heck-of-a job of it! When O started riding his 'pedal' bike, M wouldn't stop asking when she was going to get a pedal bike too. We did a bike trade with our cousins and ended up with the perfect little pipsqueak pedal bike for her. It came with training wheels and took all of one ride to the park and back to tell us she wanted them off. A couple of rides up and down the sidewalk with dad holding on from the back and she was off! She was so excited & so proud, and what a special moment for our family to cheer her on, especially her big brother whom she adores like crazy. Another special milestone, yet at the same time, another reminder that my little girl is growing up. (stop please!) I often tease her and tell her to stop growing, and she just laughs and laughs and tells me she has to grow. But I really mean it... I really want time to stop because I love having little ones. Their pure innocence and ability to always be in the present is simply one of the greatest joys to be part of. I'm so proud of my girl not only for learning to ride a bike without pedals, but for having the most loving heart. I love her fiery determination, her unwavering spirit and the fact that she makes me smile countless times in a day. This girl has gusto... and I feel so incredibly blessed to be her mom every single day.

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