Monday, July 26, 2010

csa farm tour

We are loving our csa this summer! Such a variety, all the veggies are super clean (gotta love that!), it's run by the sweetest young couple & they even send out a weekly newsletter with great recipes for the produce that week (tried the tangy cauliflower salad & it was delish). Our little family is embracing the idea of eating more seasonally & I love this path we are on. It just makes so much sense to me! Our csa recently had a farm tour, which was so cool & the kids had a ball. Check out the views from the farm! Combine a huge bag of fresh peas with a hay ride & well... this was all we needed to make for a fantastic afternoon. It's so neat to truly see where our food comes from, and such a beautiful lesson for the kids to learn as well. I do have memories of picking strawberries & carrots from my grandparents sweet tiny garden, but was not really something I grew up with. I proudly admit, I'm loving learning about farming too!

p.s. My Owen is SO hard to photograph, as he is constantly on the move & makes lots of funny faces. I was really excited when I finally captured a good one at the farm tour so I wanted to share. It's now one of my very favorites of my little guy.

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  1. That is a lovely photo. Luckily we only need a few to keep us happy. What a fabulous day out. It's so important to show children where our food comes from, who know what they imagine sometimes! The hay ride sure sounded fun.