Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a most peaceful little place

We just returned from several weeks in the mountains and wow, was it rejuvenating! Being surrounded by nature, the fresh mountain air, lots of hikes with the kiddos, making rock nests, using pine cones for tiny wildflower vases (Mia's idea which I thought was so clever and sweet), finding the very best sticks and simply being free. My mom and I even snuck out for a few early morning hikes before everyone was awake! She's such a whipper snapper and so full of energy. I love it and love the wonderful talks we have while on our walks. On our last day in the mountains, the two of us were hiking and just stumbled upon this most peaceful little sitting spot. Don't you just love the flowers peaking through the bench? I wished we had two warm cups of tea to just plop ourselves on that welcoming little spot. Here's to you finding some peaceful little places too!

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