Sunday, August 29, 2010

my flower girl

We just returned from my sister-in-law's wonderful wedding on the east coast, and Mia was the flower girl. Oh a little girl in a white dress... pretty ethereal, oh so sweet, and incredibly easily dirtied! Within 5 minutes of being at the wedding site, Mia tripped and fell into the grass. Well what's a few grass stains, right? About two minutes later someone was holding her and had a leaky blue pen, so not only did her brand new dress have green grass stains on it, but now there were lovely bright blue stains all over the front of it, and all even before she walked down the aisle. At this point all we could do was laugh. What else can you expect from a toddler in all white! It took a little coaxing to get her down the aisle (aka taffy), but she did the sweetest job scattering rose petals. She looked so grown up in her flower girl dress (thanks J. Crew Cuts) and pigtail buns.

And the shoes, the shoes, I mean have you ever seen such totally adorable shoes? They came from the most amazing, unique, most stylish shoe company I've ever seen. Yes, it's my huge new crush. Jessica, the owner of Joyfolie, simply couldn't be more darling herself. You MUST check out everything on her site.

And if you're wondering, we just got Mia's dress back from the dry cleaners and miraculously, everything came out! :)

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