Sunday, August 22, 2010

happy thoughts

I had such a fun meeting last week and wanted to share why. I am inching towards a pretty amazing project, and had a wonderful meeting with the adorable graphic designer I'm working with. Instead of getting down to 'business', I wanted to start out the meeting doing something a little out of the box that I had been thinking about. I began the meeting by asking her to share a happy thought or something that makes her happy and I did the same. I did feel a bit silly at first, but she was so happily taken a back by the request that it made me smile and realize that maybe it wasn't so silly after all. She completely embraced the idea and shared a wonderful story, which set the tone for such a warm, fun, and lovely session. She even asked if she could borrow this idea for her meetings, like a 'pay it forward'. I love the thought of simply spreading happiness. We are not asked enough about what really makes us happy, and it's such a fun thing to think and talk about. What if we could start a 'happy meeting' movement? What if the President did this at his meetings? Hmmmm... could we start to change the world?

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