Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a collaboration

My mom and I just finished our first project together! I had seen a similar idea somewhere on the web and fell in love with it. And please forgive me... I just can't remember (nor find!) where this inspiration came from. (oh if by a needle in a haystack chance the person who provided this inspiration comes across this post, please do say hello so i can thank you properly and personally! But for now, thank you whoever you are for the wonderful idea!) My mom, our talented resident photographer, took the photos, I came up with the copy and then we worked together in Photoshop to place the words on their shirts. We were both so excited about how they turned out, and I love that fact that we could capture exactly who they are at this very moment not only through their expressions, but through the words too. I cherish everything this project represents, especially creating something together with my mom. I can't wait to have these fun pieces hanging on our walls!


  1. I absolutely love this!! Great work mom and Al!



  2. These are brilliant....but I thought the words were on the actual shirts and that the kids were wearing them. Maybe you could have some printed and start a whole new line in apparel... :)

    Terrific photos, by the way!