Thursday, January 14, 2010

for Haiti

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

Craft Hope opened up an Etsy shop to benefit Doctors Without Borders. They are looking for crafters to donate products that allow people to purchase them with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. This is a call for all things handmade! I donated a few items from my Etsy shop to this effort and thought maybe you'd be interested to? It's a little thing really in the scope of the help Haiti needs, but if we all did just one little thing, in our own little way, we could make one big difference. If you would like to participate by donating an item, please click here. If making things isn't your cup of tea, no worries at all. You could still support Craft Hope's wonderful efforts by purchasing a beautifully handmade item from the Craft Hope Etsy shop, and feel great that your money will go directly to the charity. It’s that simple!


Note: As of today, Tuesday, February 16, Craft Hope for Haiti had raised over $30,000 for Doctors without Borders! Isn't that AMAZING!?! What a difference we can all make by doing it together!


  1. Hi, your blog is so adorable. You've created a very sweet inviting space! I'm about to go check out your Etsy shop to, just wanted to give a quick "nice to meet you"! The Beckoning of Lovely is one of my all time favorite videos as well.