Friday, January 29, 2010

two-color embroidery

I am loving embroidery lately. I love how delicate it looks and how vintage it feels. I found this pattern on the ever-inspiring purl bee. It was great fun choosing the colors and a delightful project to make. I used organic cream colored pillow cases because I love the soft color of cream and I truly believe in using organic materials whenever possible. I got the whole organic sheet set from Target for Mia's bed and thought the embroidery details gave it a bit of pizazz. One little bitty mistake I did make was using a yellow dressmakers chalk to mark my embroidery lines. Little did I know that this does not wash out. Oopsies. Over time, the yellow lines have faded, but they are still there. Oh well... good lesson in letting go of perfectionism. I still love them.

Now... I need to make a duvet cover. Going for an Anthropologie look (something like this). I want it to be all cream, with some type of texture or flowers. That way I can change up the look easily with different colored fun pillows or throws since I tend to get a bit bored with the same thing. And when Mia does have an opinion about what colors she wants in her room, it will be easy to incorporate. If you have any ideas for me, I would love for you to share!

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