Tuesday, October 26, 2010

kids applique placemats

Well I have a thing for eating on soft placemats. There is just something so comforting about having a cushy place to park your plate. I wanted my kiddos to have this comfort too... so I decided to make them their own. Being a Montessori mom, I love the idea of self-sufficiency and having the kiddos help set the table. I wanted to make it fun and easy for them to do, so I appliqued a spoon, fork, plate and cup onto a soft cotton, used a sweet polka dot fabric on the back so we could use both sides, and sandwiched a super soft, natural cotton batting in between them. Of course I had to make a napkin to match! I like that they are reusable, and it really does look cute to have the table set with the mix and match fabrics. The best part is you can just throw them in the wash, and they get even softer over time. Meals can be such a special sharing time and I love that we have a handmade touch to go with them.

p.s. Thanks so much Ohdeedoh for featuring our placemats on your always-inspiring site!


  1. Beautiful and a wonderful idea. Have you ever thought of selling these in an Etsy shop? I know so many parents that would love a set:)

  2. I was looking for these on etsy just the other day. Yours are much cuter than anything I found.

  3. thank you so much for the sweet comments! they are really fun to make. i did think about selling these on etsy at one point & something to think about again. :)