Thursday, March 11, 2010

where i've been...

:: riding trains at the zoo

:: taking the kids to & from school & activities

:: having lots of snuggle time (my favorite place in the world to be)

:: learning about the healing power of food

:: being so thankful I feel like myself again!

:: making bread dough (that can be used for so many cool things other than bread)

:: going to bed very early

:: researching summer activities for o & m

:: planning & making dinners

:: finding a dance class for mia (her first one!)

:: hiking with dear friends

:: planning baby & bridal showers

:: celebrating my cousin's birthday at an awesome restaurant root down

:: starting at-home date nights with my husband

:: feeling my energy return

:: researching a csa to join (I think we'll join this one)

:: enrolling o for kindergarten (yikes!!!!)

:: spending time with my mom

:: making plans with friends

:: starting a knitting group

:: getting back into our family rhythm

...what a blessing in disguise to appreciate all of these beautiful little things again!

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