Wednesday, September 22, 2010

our hometown heroes!

This fire we had a few weeks ago was one of the worst Colorado has seen. As much devastation as it caused and as horrible as it was to witness, it was also a wonderful coming together of our small town and an energizing sense of community. The kiddos were also very aware of what was going on, and wanted to do their part to thank the firefighters too! We baked homemade chocolate chip cookies, made some special pictures for the firemen, and hand delivered the goodies to the fire house. I loved seeing how much this meant to the little ones and how proud they were to help in their own way. Oh I wish I could just bottle up the pure goodness in their hearts! The hometown parade celebrating the firefighters was the sweetest... brought tears to my eyes really ~ watching the firefighters marching and the loud cheers from the crowds, reading all of the 'thank you' signs from the children and the signs that read 'thank you for saving my home.'

Perhaps one of the most touching moments was this rescued puppy marching in the parade. I mean how amazing is that?!?

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